Spiritual Awakening and Meditation

Constance Casey is a professional spiritual guidance and meditation instructor with an enlightened perspective that has grown out of work from both within Theravada Buddhism in addition to 12 Step work, chemical addiction counseling, Christian Contemplativism, and a variety of other sources. Her teachings focus on finding discipline and using mindful concentration as a path to awakening.

A word from Constance:

The spiritual path isn't easy and a number of issues can arise as you delve deeper into knowing your true self, and know that you are not separate from wholeness. There can be critical times along the journey when reaching out with humility can provide just the support for opening and release from tension and inner conflict. I've had many teachers along the way and feel grateful for having spoken with them, and/or sat with them. Their feedback and presence was a huge gift. Some of their books, videos, links, or articles are included on the Tools page for your review.

To truly know that you are not your thoughts, and that you are a being unfolding with infinite possibility, that is Truth. It is rare to realize this in the deepest sense, and that is what my work is about--learning and becoming more conguent with your true nature.

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with loving kindness,

"Constance has a rare gift for humble authenticity combined with an inner intensity for living the truth of this moment. Her gentle spiritual guidance goes right to the heart of living with integrity and love."