The Offering: I’d like to facilitate a meditative support group starting September 15th in Southwest Minneapolis.

I want to offer a place once a week where a few people can meditate, and share their practice, not just from me, but all of us with each other. I would lead and facilitate keeping things focused on first things first. I’ve been around for a long while, been a dedicated practitioner, I can do that much.

It is a place where you can sit in any style that suits you, relax and meditate. We will practice vipassana, loving-kindness meditation or your own form of practice in silence. Then, we can talk about living with an honest effort to be aware of being in this vast and complex universe. We can grow and share apples and cheese. We could just be together in silence and go home with loving-kindness. For beginners or advanced individuals.

One’s practice can find support in a group that has respect for each person’s process and questions. I remember at one retreat, I found so much help from each of the questions asked. It was an open student –teacher meeting where the focus was solely on the teacher. Since we students were in silence, we didn’t share with one another.

Recently, when I was on retreat, I heard someone ask the teacher a question. I had much to add that the teacher didn’t. I accepted the situation as it was and let go of it. Then, at the end of the retreat, I offered to the man who had the question–if he wanted to hear from me? He said, “Sure, I’d like to hear your feedback.” He was so glad. It gave him a perspective he hadn’t quite considered. His receptivity to the offering I had for him was also a gift for me. It helped me see the beauty in form, to embrace that which is formless and that which is form.

We can offer each other the wisdom that comes forth, and if the other is open, it can be given. And, you can come and just sit, be with others, listen and learn. Sometimes it is best to just love the questions, together, in mystery. A small, weekly group setting allows for more intimacy.

There is much that can be learned together. Let’s practice alone and together.

Please see go here to sign-up for the group. Meets for eight weeks, each Tuesday night.