Compassionate &
Clear Choices

Constance has offered compassionate care for hundreds of people, including dying patients and their families as a hospital chaplain.

Creativity for
Authentic Living

Meditation is an art as much as any other. There are ways to embrace your creativity with joyfulness in community.

Combining Values with Specific Goals

Constance’s gentle and nurturing manner focuses on getting to the heart of the matter in the present moment and trusting the process.

Meditation offers solace from the
vicissitudes of life.

Constance Casey

Committed to Your Healing & Power

Constance respects and values your personal spiritual practice and journey while supporting you to find balance in the face of adversity.

Conscious and
Holistic Support

Constance will encourage you to attune toward being more mindful and aware for release and serenity.

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Speaking from the Heart

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