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Time for Awakening: A Memoir

By Constance Casey

“Part memoir, part guide to self-knowing, Time for Awakening is a spiritual coming-of-age story that serves to inspire and accompany those drawn to the path of liberation.”

Sharon Salzberg

Clearing Skies

Starts July 16, 2024

This six-week course provides practical tools to address Buddhism’s five hindrances. Cultivate resilience and discover tranquility amidst life’s ebbs and flows with this enlightening guide.

Watch Constance on Buddha at the Gas Pump

Combining Values with Specific Goals

Constance’s gentle and nurturing manner focuses on getting to the heart of the matter in the present moment and trusting the process.

In meditation, we set aside our distracting thoughts, like tomatoes, just set them up on the windowsill, and return to feeling the breath.

Constance Casey

Conscious and
Holistic Support

Constance will encourage you to attune toward being more mindful and aware for release and serenity.

“With the freshly saturated, watchful wisdom of meditation practice, my inner grain relaxed into a more pliable, natural readiness.”

Constance Casey, in Time for Awakening: A Memoir

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Committed to Your Healing & Power

Constance respects and values your personal spiritual practice and journey while supporting you to find balance in the face of adversity.