Wedding Officiant

Coming together to celebrate the love between two individuals is a truly auspicious occasion. It is my desire to support this ceremony in a way that honors the commitment and tradition of everyone involved.

House Blessings

The home is a sacred place. As T.S. Eliot once wrote, “Home is where one starts from.” The act of moving into a new space, whether it is a house or an apartment, include our aspirations and intentions to create new beginnings. A house blessing is a way of bringing a customized ritual to gently work with your energetic hope and wish for a felt sense of safety, peace, and warmth into your living space–so that those who reside within it may find love, support and wisdom and clear out any old or stale energy.

Memorial Ceremonies

When we come together to honor the lives of those who have passed, we celebrate their life and the hearts they have touched with their spirit. Although grief and sadness are a part of this process, the uplifting act of commemoration releases the spirit and allows for us to be fulfilled.

When a loved-one passes, we pray for a peaceful transition. We provide blessings of love, support and release for the journey. We remember that there are parts of them that are still always with us, that live on in each and every day.

Dear Constance,

Thank you so much for all the thought and care that you gave to officiating my daughter’s wedding. It was a lovely, intimate ceremony.

Mother of the Bride

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