In my practice, I hold a deep appreciation for the power of listening and learning in conversations. I recognize that within our differences lies a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and understanding. Whether it’s the experiences of marginalization, the awareness of privilege, the various forms of stress we encounter, or the journey of self-discovery–we can evolve together.

I find inspiration in Buddhist teachings, but it is my genuine intention to welcome individuals from diverse spiritual backgrounds and faith practices. Whether you identify as Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, spiritual but not religious, secular, agnostic, Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Pagan, Wiccan, Atheist, or hold other beliefs, I wholeheartedly embrace everyone’s unique journey.

As an ally, I am committed to advocating for racial equity, justice, and civil rights. I extend a warm and inclusive welcome to all who gather, regardless of their race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or age. I deeply respect each of our unique identities and backgrounds. People of all abilities are genuinely welcome. Your sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression are respected. It matters not whether you come from a place of privilege or face socioeconomic challenges, or even how old or young you are – your precious human life is valued. My aim is to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and supported.

I’m interested in disrupting bigotry, hatred, oppression, and ill-will with understanding and love. I invite you to tenderly investigate any fears and internalized oppression processes that arise for liberation and inner freedom. Let us stand united, recognizing the inter-being of all beings, and work towards fostering a gathering where both individual expression and peace prevail.