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In the spirit of “Dana”, a central tenet of Buddhist teachings representing generosity, we come together to cultivate gratitude, deepen connections, and foster the beautiful journey of self-discovery and healing.

Constance’s guidance has been a beacon for many, emphasizing mindfulness, dignity, and the beauty of human experience in its entirety – from grief and loss to joy and serenity. By supporting her, you ensure that her teachings remain accessible to all, irrespective of their means.

Practicing Dana by contributing to Constance’s mission not only empowers her continued efforts but also strengthens your own connection to the cycle of giving and gratitude.

Your generosity, whether grand or humble, echoes in the hearts of many. Thank you for considering supporting Constance and the profound journey she facilitates.

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Time for Awakening: A Memoir

By Constance Casey

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Constance is actively involved in the work of carrying her message of faith and love into the communities that surround her.