Clearing Skies: Dispelling the Clouds that Hinder Us

Six Tuesday evenings, 6 – 7pm Central, April 30 to June 4

Week 1: The Overcast Mind

Focus: Understanding the concept of hindrances in Buddhist meditation.

  • Content: Introduction to the five primary hindrances (sensual desire, ill-will, sloth-torpor, restlessness-worry, and doubt) that cloud mental clarity and impede spiritual growth.
  • Objective: Participants will learn to identify these hindrances in their daily lives and meditation practices.

Week 2: The Deluge of Desire

Focus: Exploring the hindrance of sensual desire and its impact.

  • Content: Discussing how attachment to pleasurable experiences can lead to suffering and distraction from spiritual goals.
  • Objective: Learning techniques to acknowledge and release attachments to sensual desires, fostering a more balanced state of mind.

Week 3: The Storms of Aversion

Focus: Understanding the hindrance of ill-will and aversion.

  • Content: Exploring the nature of aversion, anger, and negativity, and their effects on the mind and meditation.
  • Objective: Developing strategies to cultivate loving-kindness and compassion, counteracting feelings of aversion.

Week 4: The Pools of Stagnation

Focus: Addressing the hindrance of sloth-torpor.

  • Content: Exploring how lethargy, laziness, and lack of motivation affect meditation and daily life.
  • Objective: Learning practices to energize the mind, overcome mental dullness, and maintain consistent motivation in practice.

Week 5: The Winds of Agitation

Focus: Tackling the hindrance of restlessness and worry.

  • Content: Understanding how an overactive mind or anxiety can disrupt focus and clarity.
  • Objective: Practicing techniques to calm the mind, cultivate inner peace, and manage anxious thoughts.

Week 6: The Fog of Doubt

Focus: Confronting the hindrance of doubt.

  • Content: Addressing the challenges of skepticism, uncertainty, and lack of confidence in one’s path.
  • Objective: Strengthening faith and trust in the meditation process and in oneself, overcoming barriers of doubt.


When will I get the Zoom link?

The Zoom link will be emailed to your registered email one hour before each class begins.

Are meetings recorded?

Yes. All meetings are recorded and emailed out automatically to everyone who’s signed up—so if you miss any of the meetings, you won’t miss anything.

What materials are needed?

Constance’s book, Time for Awakening: A Memoir, discusses the hindrances and is strongly suggested as a resource. Other resources will be shared throughout the course.

What do I need to read before the first class?

Nothing. Constance will provide an overview of the hindrances and resources we will use during the first class.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. No one will be turned away due to financial hardship, contact Constance for a reduced rate.

Donations are encouraged

If you choose to pay extra, you are automatically making a donation to the financial assistance fund. Thank you for making this class accessible to people who would not be able to afford it otherwise. Your additional support also helps cover the cost of creating this course.