Engaging with deep spiritual practice involves transformation of our identity from a localized, solid sense of self perspective to a much more varied and vast perspective. As we shift, we relax with feelings, learn new ways of being, and embrace a wider view of who we are. While I offer a unique and specialized service to those who work with me, I recognize the need for my clients to connect with what works for them in their practice, and then I encourage them to do it. I have worked with many teachers, retreat centers, and authors who have helped me in countless ways.

I knew she was present for me. I could trust that she had my best interests at heart.

Mary C

Beautiful You Time

Individual consultations are available to encourage you to develop healthy ways for practicing with awareness and to fine tune any areas of your unique practice.

Consultations can be arranged for twice a month, monthly, or on an occasional basis for checking in.

Each session is 50-minutes long via Zoom.

Working with Constance

The first thing we need to establish is what are your goals and what do you need. I want to be clear in establishing what is useful for you. Depending on your goals we will establish parameters for an initial three month program. At each visit, via phone, Skype or zoom, we will discuss your prior goals and life situation for accountability and fine tuning to allow space for change. We can meet once a week for more rapid progress, or every two weeks. After three months, if we are resonating together well, and you are wanting further support, we can work together on an ongoing basis as needed.

Committing to the basic process of sitting each day is one of the usual goals. This honors the body’s wisdom for developing and growing in wisdom. This is deeply healing and transformative work. I provide personalized intuitive feedback for you to consider along with validation and support.

Insight will impact your lifestyle. We will address time management, communication skills, and resources to facilitate more ease and acceptance in your life.

My style is calm and focused on encouraging you to commit to your goals. I’ve raised two sons and have about 40 years of contemplative practice.

When you contact me, I will ask you to fill out a form relating to your goals. I provide a warm presence for your mindfulness practice to help smooth out rough patches and re-frame your perspective for wholesome understanding.

I deeply respect and honor the opportunity to support and encourage the transformation process of my clients.

Compassionate Practice

Being aware with compassion and examining any felt tension or clinging to ideas brings opportunities for insight. The inter-play between consciousness, feeling, form, volition and perception becomes clearer and being human more fun.

There are many adjustments to living with a more open mind as one’s capacity for accepting the way things are starts to manifest in the body. Adjusting to new insight opens up energetic centers in the body. Ongoing practice is key for stabilization along with a variety of other activities. Being yourself and enjoying life is what this is about.

Find a new way to be more authentically present in your life.

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