Join Constance’s Mindful Friends Groups

Monthly Themes
Sun 11:00am CST
Everyday Buddhism
Mon 6:00pm CST
Tues 8:00am CST
Tues 2:00pm CST
Business Professionals
Wed 11:00am CST
Wed 4:00pm CST
Giving Cancer Support
Fri 6:00pm CST

Teaching on Banyan Together is a welcoming global community where individuals of all backgrounds, colors, genders, and sexual orientations can find a sense of safety and belonging.

As a teacher, I am continuously touched by the compassionate connections. I facilitate and offer guided meditation with members. I encourage you to try it out for eight weeks and see for yourself!

Starting for as low as $29/month, participate in Weekly Mindful Friends Groups on a variety of topics, as well as Guided Meditations, and Silent Sits in the Community Meditation Hall.

Scholarships are also available by request.