Eoghan Mentorship Group Led by Constance Casey meets every Mondays at 4:00pm Central Standard Time

Mentorship Group: Eoghan

Receive personalized teachings in 90-minute sessions with a small group of dedicated individuals on BanyanTogether.com. Join this circle of sincere practitioners to receive direct feedback with Constance’s guidance and dig deeper into the challenges you face with your mindfulness practice.

Meets Mondays at 2pm Pacific

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Monthly Themes
Sun 9:00am Pacific
Everyday Buddhism
Mon 4:00pm Pacific
The Gifts of Aging
Tues 6:00am Pacific
Tues 12:00pm Pacific
Healthy Work & Business
Wed 9:00am Pacific
The Conscious Parent
Wed 2:00pm Pacific
Giving Cancer Support
Fri 6:00pm Pacific

BanyanTogether.com is a welcoming global community where individuals of all backgrounds, colors, genders, and sexual orientations can find a sense of safety and belonging.

As a teacher, I am continuously touched by the compassionate connections. I facilitate and offer guided meditation with members. I encourage you to try it out for eight weeks and see for yourself!

Starting at $49/month, participate in Weekly Mindful Friends Groups on a variety of topics, as well as Guided Meditations, and Silent Sits in the Community Meditation Hall.

Scholarships are also available by request.