In our process of working together we will increase awareness of areas where you feel uncertain and tense about your life. We will explore your meditation practice and areas of incongruity with your environment at home, in relationships and with your work.

This is not easy work, but if you want to know compassion and joy, then it helps to learn about yourself in loving company. I work with you to listen and dialogue about your life issues and concerns. My focus is on helping you to feel empowered for accepting change with dignity and integrity along with deepening your faith in spiritual practice, which includes wisdom in your body.

More about Constance

  • Private practice in intuitive spiritual guidance with a focus on addiction and recovery since 1990 along with a counseling degree in chemical dependency counseling.
  • Living In Process® Facilitation and support for deep process and somatic body awareness practice.
  • Practice experience in Soto Zen Buddhism.
  • Raised Catholic and have had a lifetime of of practicing Christian contemplative prayer.
  • A friend of Earth-centered spirituality and Native American traditions.
  • Experience giving birth and raising two sons, which continues with conscious parenting.
  • My focus is on empowerment and insight. In this way, I guide you to see your own inherent strengths and wisdom with creativity in the process of your discovery.
  • Experience in qigong practices and Jin Shin Jyutsu® self-help practices.
  • Deep understanding of the dark night of the soul; how to navigate through difficult states and stages of awareness with sensate perception and loving kindness.
  • Aware of the benefits in 12-Step recovery and the shadow aspects of groups. There are ways to train within the functional and insightful aspects of the 12-Step Recovery model. And, the 12-Step model may not be the best fit. I am flexible for supporting other forms of spiritual practice that are foundational for those that make progress in insight.

This is an incomplete list. There are many modalities and traditions that I have had experience with. I am committed to quality training and have worked with many highly enlightened teachers and shamans throughout the world. I can tune into your attitude and way of working with compassion and support. Feel free to inquire.