Join us!

I started Constant Shore Sangha in 2014 to share the teachings of the Buddha to a diverse young circle of practitioners in the Twin Cities. After a pause during the pandemic, I am restarting this group online through Zoom.

Join us twice a month for a guided meditation and opportunity to discuss the dhamma.

Send an email to constance [at] to receive the zoom link.

There is a Buddhist background, but it is for any one interested in meditation. It’s for beginners and advanced folks. It’s for anyone that could benefit from shared intentional practice for beginning, maintaining or enlivening the practice you have.

You are welcome to set up your space in any way that is most supportive to you.
You can lay down, using cushions, nontraditional, whatever you need to feel present and supported.

If you have a history of mental health concerns, please check with your mental health professional that meditation is advised for your particular situation.