Cemetery Site

by | Oct 5, 2009

by Constance Casey

What is really happening is that I’m burying my self
Yeah, there is no way I can look at the world the same way anymore
There was a train wreck and that train was me
I don’t even know what the tracks were but they are gone too
Where to go is totally unknown
What to do is also completely unknown
Who I am is a mystery beyond belief
And yet All is known, All is seen
Even here moves on
Even now is gone
Time to dig the ditch and bury the remnants
There ain’t nobody home
Which makes the stream flow so fast
The river rides high and wide
Nothing in the way
Only Way
No hand on the shovel
Can’t dig as deep as This
Just dig, just the same
Future tells nothing
Past fades away
Try a little willingness
And see how you can really