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Asking for help and guidance is a brave and humble act. I deeply respect and honor the opportunity I have to work with individuals to provide support and instruction. 

I offer a wide variety of services for individuals, groups, and families. I encourage you to contact me to set up a free 30 minute consultation if you are interested in participating with me in opening to your spiritual process. Learning and growing is not a one-way path, our consultation will be an opportunity to become acquainted with each other to determine the right fit for your participation, and/or answer any questions regarding working together.

Individual Sessions

One hour sessions allow you to check-in about your practice, receive feedback and support.
Sessions can occur in person in Minneapolis, over the phone, or via Skype. $95.00/hour.
You can book three sessions for $250.00 that expire three months after the first session.
Brief, fifteen minute sessions for ongoing meditation instruction, are offered on a donation basis.

Funeral Companionship

I provide a supportive presence and companionship for those who want someone to accompany them to a funeral. In addition, I have helped with memorial hosting and decisions. It can help to have someone who is sensitive for greeting people and making arrangements so that you can rest and take care of yourself. This is helpful for those who may feel alone at a difficult time and need another supportive presence to facilitate and help with the variety of details. Some consider me a Death Doula, a helpful presence while they work through grief and loss around family and friends in a difficult time. If we have worked together, I can travel with you to attend an event.

Private Group Sessions

Private ongoing group for safe and intimate discussion of practice issues in daily life and on the cushion. Interview and consultation required. More information here.

Recovery & Grief Counseling

Counseling for recovery from addictive processes. Grief and loss counseling after the loss of a loved one, divorce, separation or other challenging life trauma.

Living In Process® Facilitation

This is a faciliative process that honors body wisdom for developing and growing in intuitive wisdom. This is deeply healing and transformative work. Having someone to sit with you while you do your own deep process work allows you to go deeper and to move through difficult states with more awareness and compassion.

In-Home Support

Specialized support for sorting through the details after the loss of a loved one with prioritizing tasks, relinquishing items, or closing digital accounts while staying present to your needs and feelings.


In addition to Guidance and Service work, I am actively involved in the work of carrying my message of faith and love into the communities that surround me. These are gatherings where I present a special wisdom teaching for deepening in spiritual awareness and compassionate practice.

Visit the Events page for more information about my upcoming speaking events.

Inner Expressions

Our values and wisdom are held deep in the body. When we connect to our authentic voice within, having a camera or a microphone to capture your pure expression can be invaluable for growth and healing. Inner Expression videos can be arranged by appointment in my office setting. Or, a video memorial using interviews and images can be arranged for a loved one.


Sharing the blessings of life and love with others, and bringing the voices and experiences of others into my own life is an active and enriching form of service. When you work with me, you are joining a true saṅgha. That is, you are joining a growing number of people that care about their gentle, loving hearts and the hearts of others. When we come together, we share that love with one another.

House Blessings

The home is a sacred place. As T.S. Eliot once wrote, “Home is where one starts from.” The act of moving into a new space, whether it is a house or an apartment, include our aspirations and intentions to create new beginnings. A house blessing is a way of bringing a customized ritual to gently work with your energetic hope and wish for a felt sense of safety, peace, and warmth into your living space–so that those who reside within it may find love, support and wisdom and clear out any old or stale energy.

Wedding Officiant

Coming together to celebrate the love between two individuals is a truly auspicious occasion. It is my desire to support this ceremony in a way that honors the committment and tradition of everyone involved.

Memorial Videos

I can edit together a nice memorial video for your family to present at your memorial event. The pictures, video and music are woven together with your style in mind to help remember your loved one and honor their life.

Memorial Ceremonies

When we come together to honor the lives of those who have passed, we celebrate their life and the hearts they have touched with their spirit. Although grief and sadness are a part of this process, the uplifting act of commemoration releases the spirit and allows for us to be fulfilled.

When a loved-one passes, we pray for a peaceful transition. We provide blessings of love, support and release for the journey. We remember that there are parts of them that are still always with us, that live on in each and every day.


“Get ready to participate like no other relationship! Her directness and honesty asks you to let go of your passivity in every moment and really be present.”

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