What Is In Front of You?

by Constance Casey What is in front of you? What is roiling around inside? Do you hear that? Insight. Yes. Remembering. So simple So sweet. See link: go hear this annoying discussion! NO! What for? Ears listen for silence. Ears hear silence in annoyance. Ah, yes,...

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Cemetery Site

by Constance Casey What is really happening is that I’m burying my self Yeah, there is no way I can look at the world the same way anymore There was a train wreck and that train was me I don’t even know what the tracks were but they are gone too Where to go is totally...

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Mara or the Hater’s & What’s Next?

I came across this guy on the internet who does video blogging, Jay Smooth, he is so cool and honest. I felt suddenly heard, and wondered a lot about what I’m going through on a content level, where most of what I’m aware of is on a process level. The little haters in...

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Motivation and Gentle Inquiry

I wanted to share with you a helpful blog post from my friend, Duff McDuffee, on motivation. When looking at wanting something, it seems so easy to avoid it or push through it. Usually either end of this dualism isn’t very gentle. And, we probably learned all this...

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At first kids are so slippery with their tongues they can’t quite get the words out when they are young. Then, as they start to learn how to speak, their development grows and they are shouting for what they want until, for my kids, the teenage years hit, then all the...

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Sham Not Shame

Does your marriage or relationship feel like a sham? Yes. Then, it is a sham. And, it is not a shame. Knowing that it is false is seeing the truth of the thing. Knowing you want to end it, and now ending it is being responsible and adult for what you are unwilling to...

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